Q100 keyboard, Layout: US

  • Premium materials, extraordinary design and feel set the UNIQEY Q100 apart. For the official launch of the UNIQEY keyboard series we have decided to release the Q100 with a black-colored aluminum housing, anthracite keycaps with white legends. Equipped with MX brown switches this keyboard is the perfect match for everyone looking for a sleek, universal yet durable keyboard. Experience the difference and get convinced by our quality. Every keyboard is carefully assembled, tested and packed in our German factory.

EUR 299.00 *

delivery time: 10-14 days


  • Solid housing made of premium aluminum
  • Extremely durable key legends (double-shot keycaps)
  • Adjustable tilt angle (3 different levels), including the option of a negative angle
  • Rugged design guarantees good desk contact in order to prevent slipping
  • Long travel keys with precise switching point
  • Concave shaped keycaps for supporting the positioning of the fingertips
  • Function keys for an easy control of music and media apps
  • USB-mouseport for connecting wired/wireless mouses directly to the keyboard
  • Use your keyboard and an optional mouse with up to three additional Bluetooth® devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Notebooks or PCs
  • Quick toggling between all connected devices using the mouse or function keys
  • Configurable Expert-Features for further adjustments (macros, key scan, color and brightness of the status LEDs, disabling of the windows key)
  • Anti-ghosting
  • Plug & play
  • Direct support by our experts
  • Made in Germany with passion and precision

Materials and colors:

  • Housing: Aluminum, black
  • Side covers: Aluminum, black
  • Switches: MX brown
  • keycaps: anthracite grey/white, Esc: pale blue/white
  • Supporting feet: white with blue rubber ring
  • USB-cable: black
  • Layout: US (ANSI)

Technical data

Shipping weight (packing included)1.9kg
ConnectionUSB 2.0 (1.5m cable length)
Scope of deliveryQ100 keyboard, USB-cable, different supporting feet, multitool, microfiber cleaning cloth