You aren´t yet sure which MX switch meets your needs best? The UNIQEY Switch-Tester helps to simplify your choice.

Our switch tester includes all switches available with the UNIQEY keyboard designer (with and without QMX-Clip for noise reduction).

  • MX brown + MX brown with QMX-Clip
  • MX red + MX red with QMX-Clip
  • MX blue + MX blue with QMX-Clip
  • MX clear + MX clear with QMX-Clip
  • MX black + MX black with QMX-Clip

Try and compare the different switches and find your favorite one!

You will receive a 10€ voucher with every switch tester. This voucher can be redeemed with every future order for an UNIQEY keyboard.

Technical data

Scope of deliveryUNIQEY switch tester
MiscellaneousPlease note, that our switch tester is a purely mechanical tester. The tester is designed to compare the different MX switches and has no electronic function.