Especially in times of standardised mass production, many people strive for something special. In our everyday lives, there are now few pieces of equipment that we use as intensively as our computer keyboards.
Where, if not here, does individual adaptation make more sense? Perhaps you have also been annoyed by your conventional standard keyboard sometimes. Boring design? Faded key labels? With the UNIQEY Q series, you get to know an alternative that will impress you.

The UNIQEY keyboard designer offers you previously unheard of possibilities. Use the very wide range of options to create an individual piece that perfectly suits your taste, desk and usage behaviour. Choose your favorites from various colours, materials and additional features. In our unique keyboard manufactory, your configured keyboard is produced, tested and packaged for you by hand.

Let yourself be inspired by over 3,000,000 possible configurations.

UNIQEY - Superior Technology - Made in Germany





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