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We are finally ready to introduce our new redesigned packaging, banderole and trays.

Introducing the new trays

We designed the previous trays in order to create a much more cohesive product and better experience for our customers. Although they have good characteristics and did their job well, they still generated logistic and environmental problems that will be solved with the next generation of trays.

For starters, the new trays are much more environmentally friendly, something that is very important to us as a company. The trays are made from a very rigid blend of cellulose and are entirely biodegradable.

The footprints left in the nature during manufacturing is minimal when compared to the first generation of trays. We understand that the previous generation served as storage (hardly anyone would dispose them) but they still required much more resources, chemicals and transportation in order to be manufactured and distributed when compared to the new ones.

Another big change is the size. We have altered the dimensions to be more compact and therefore capable of being shipped in smaller boxes to the consumers. We also have complimentary mini trays (in groups of four, which are serrated) that can be easily broken in order to offer enough space for various mini kits. The modular stacking design will allow for keycap sets of various sizes to fit perfectly without wasting space or material.

Finally, the new material is much more rigid than the plastic trays, and will provide more stable storage for the caps.

The new banderole

Another change that we would like to introduce is the banderole design. For every project with a base kit there is the option of having a custom cardboard sleeve with printed artwork, just like before.

The previous method of designing banderoles yielded good results. However there were a multitude of revisions between the creators, vendors and us which lead to lots of stress in the back end, delays, confusion and wasted time. There were no standards since every banderole was basically made with free hand.

To simplify the process we have tailored a very detailed and strict manual which will guide creators and vendors during the process of designing the sleeve.

Attached you find some examples of what can be accomplished.

For more details, feel free to download the manual below.

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