Depending on personal preference and the application area, you can choose from five different switches of the MX series for our UNIQEY keyboards. All switches are characterized by the CHERRY Gold-Crosspoint contact technology and guarantee high precision and durability. If you are not sure which one to choose, you gladly can order our UNIQEY sample kit, which contains all five MX switches with and without QMX-Clip. So you can easily identify the switch that feels most comfortable for you.

For an easier distinction of the models the stems of the switches have different colors.

The most versatile switch. It is suitable for frequent writers as well as for gamers and is the most universal switch. We also recommend this switch for beginners who haven’t previously used a mechanical keyboard.
For this reasons, the MX brown is provided as standard configuration on our keyboards.
Characteristics: switch-point (tactile), required operating force: 55cN

MX red switches are mainly suitable for the gaming-area and are very popular within this target group. They are characterized by a low operating force as well as by an imperceptible switching point.
Characteristics: without switch-point (linear), required operating force: 45cN

This key switch is very popular with frequent writers and comes close to the often desired typewriter-feeling. The blue model is characterized by a click-switching point with tactile and audible contact feedback. The distinctive clicking sound and the precise switching point are the trademarks of this switch.

Characteristics: click-switch-point (tactile), required operating force: 60cN

*In combination with the MX blue the QMX-Clip only offers limited noise reduction. The distinctive clicking sound is intended for this switch.

The MX-Clear switch is very similar to the brown variant and can be marked as universal switch as well. The main difference is the higher operating force.
Characteristics: switch-point (tactile), required operating force: 65cN


The MX black is according to its red equivalent a linear switch. It is very popular among gamers with their focus on ego-shooter games. The relatively high operation force reduces the risk of typing errors.

Characteristics: without switch-point (linear), required operating force: 60cN