For almost 25 years GMK electronic design GmbH focuses on the development and manufacturing of high-quality peripheral devices for professional applications worldwide.


Many years of experience have gone into our UNIQEY product line, making it our first range of products aimed at the demanding consumer.

Our flexible manufacturing system at our facility in Wernberg, Germany provides the basis for our exclusive UNIQEY Q-line.

GMKs holistic approach, from product design to inhouse manufacturing, reflects our strive for excellent results regarding quality and flexibility.
You will also find these attributes in all of our products.

Individuality results in added value for our customers

In our every day life there won´t be many devices used as intensively as our computer keyboards.
Where if not there is customization more wise?
We believe in customization adding real value to our products, because every person is unique.
Meet our products and let us convince you!

Explore the possibilities and find YOUR perfect match.