With the QMX-Clip, we have attended to one of the last disadvantages of mechanical keyboards, the clicking sound when the keys are activated.

With the QMX-Clip, the perceived sound is reduced by half, which corresponds to a noise reduction of 10db(A).

With this set, existing of 110 QMX-clips Plate mount, the QMX-tool and a screwdriver, you easily can refit your mechanical keyboards.

The QMX-Clips Plate mount are compatible with keyboards using plate-mounted MX-switches (metal plate) as well as with PCB-mounted MX-switches.

Please note that GMK guarantees the functionality of the QMX clip in connection with original Cherry MX switches only!

Technical data

Weight0,3 kg
Scope of delivery110 pcs. QMX-Clips Plate mount, QMX-tool, screwdriver