KEY MOMENTS! - Experience the difference

Precision to the last detail

  • Rugged metal housing made of premium anodized aluminum
  • Extremely durable key legends (double-shot keycaps)
  • MX switches guarantee a comfortable and persistent typing experience
  • Optional QMX-Clip reduces key noise by 10db(A)


A treat for your fingertips

  • Adjustable tilt angle (3 different levels), including the option of a negative angle
  • Heavy design guarantees good desk contact in order to prevent slipping
  • Long travel keys with precise switching point
  • Concave key curvature for improved guidance of the fingertips

Clever features
for flying fingers

  • Function keys for easy control of music and media apps
  • USB mouse port for connecting a wired/wireless mouse directly to the keyboard
  • Additional operation of up to three Bluetooth┬« devices like smartphones, tablets, notebooks or PCs
  • Quick toggling between all connected devices using mouse or function keys
  • Programmable expert features for further customization