With the QMX-Clip, we have attended to one of the last disadvantages of mechanical keyboards. In the premium sector, mechanical keyboards are the measure of all things. When it comes to writing feeling, precision and longevity, there’s no beating a keyboard with mechanical long-travel keys.
One disadvantage of these tried-and-tested key modules is often the clicking sound when the keys are activated. Many users value the acoustic feedback and switch to mechanical keyboards for precisely this reason. However, especially in an office environment, the key sound is often perceived as loud and annoying.

With the QMX-Clip, the perceived sound is reduced by half, which corresponds to a noise reduction of 10db(A).

What sets it apart lies in the clip’s working principle, which cushions both the pressing of the key and also its return movement.The result is a completely new writing experience, which was unthinkable with previous mechanical keyboards.

The QMX-Clip is available as an option for all individually configured UNIQEY Q100 keyboards. You can find more information on our YouTube channel.

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