Why to choose a mechanical Keyboard?

Most people have never encountered a mechanical keyboard. If you also belong to this group, there’s no need to worry. Nevertheless, it is definitely worthwhile taking a brief look at this topic.

In our modern everyday life, there is hardly any other electronic product that we use as intensively as our computer keyboard. Why do we not, then, give the product the attention it deserves?

Anyone who talks about high-quality keyboards can’t avoid mechanical keyboards. Enthusiasts and those who write a lot have long known this, but mechanical keyboards also continue to advance in many other areas as well. One talks about mechanical keyboards because a mechanical switch does its work under every key. The difference is not immediately visible, but can be felt straight away.In comparison to the widespread scissor switch and rubber dome keyboards, mechanical modules are above all characterised by the following properties:

- Superior service life of 50 million activations in comparison to around 5 million activations for a rubber dome or scissor switch keyboard. This corresponds to a service life that is up to 10 times longer.

- Precise switch points and longer activation paths are the basis for an outstanding writing feeling

If these keyboards are so much better than low-cost standard models, why have they not made their way onto our desks?

The interesting answer is: They were once there! The astounding thing about mechanical keyboards is their history. 30 years ago, a computer was a very rare sight. The basic principle behind mechanical keyboards also comes from this time, and they could once be found on every desk. Due to the exponential growth in demand for PCs, there was significant price erosion for all components and the search for cheaper alternatives began. And so the segment for rubber dome and scissor switch keyboards became more popular and mechanical keyboards became increasingly driven out for cost reasons, without offering any benefit for the consumer. On the contrary. The superior writing feeling of a mechanical keyboard has not been fully achieved by any modern input device.

In the professional field, mechanical keyboards are the measure of all things when it comes to longevity, precision and reliability. With the new UNIQEY Q100 product range, we are bringing a keyboard onto the market that perfects the mechanical benefits and adds unique features. Packaged in a designer housing made from high-quality aluminium. See our individual approach for yourself and configure a keyboard that perfectly suits your requirements and your taste.

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